Portal4Me has become an indispensable tool for KBS. It provides a central online location that offers secure customer and employee information access. Employees can use it to manage their work efficiently, update their personal information, view their pay stubs, and check the status of their pay stubs. Portal4me enables them to process orders quickly and accurately, driving business growth and improving productivity.


Story Of Porta4Me

Since 1967, Kellermeyer Haustechnik has specialized in cleaning department stores. A model of outsourced cleaning enabled Kellermeyer to reduce costs as the department store landscape became more competitive in the 1970s. The company was founded as a family business in 1984 and quickly grew to occupy several states, focusing primarily on drugstore chains, supermarkets, and offices.

A system to raise standards – reduce costs

In the late 1990s, Bergensons gained traction in these markets. The company implemented a cleaning system with large retail chains to improve store quality and reduce costs. As a result of this system, Bergensons expanded to service 28 states in 2005.

Growth and merger

Berenson organically tripled in size in 2010, and in 2011, it was acquired by Kohlberg, which owned Kellermeyer. Kellmeyer and Benson’s merged as KBS, and Minasian became the new company’s CEO. KBS has become the largest facility services provider in North America with an integrated delivery model.

Investment in technology and leadership

Over the next decade, KBS invested heavily in its management teams and began to diversify its business and expand into non-commercial markets. The company also invested heavily in technology, launching KBSPorceTM, a web platform that brings transparency and efficiency to the market.


Acquisitions and Diversity

GI Partners acquired the company in 2014. Pristine, and Hospitality Staffing Solutions joined KBS in 2017 and were acquired by Cerberus in November 2019. Over 75,000 locations a day are served by KBS across North America, serving retail, logistics, business,, and industrial customers.