Services Portal4Me is an online login portal for KBS employees. Employees can use Portal4Me to check their hours and time cards, view and update their tax information, and access company news. KBS employees also use Portal4Me to find and reserve meeting rooms and equipment, and request services such as vehicle maintenance or building repairs.


Portal4Me has become an indispensable tool for KBS. It provides a central online location that provides secure access to customer and employee information. Employees can use it to easily manage their work, update their personal information, view their pay stubs, and check the status of their pay stubs. Portal4me enables them to process orders quickly and accurately, driving business growth and improving productivity.

Services Provided KBS Portal4Me

  • Leaders in Facility Services

Commissioning and supervision of contracts and service providers for catering, cleaning, parking, security, and engineering functions. Advise companies on measures to improve plant efficiency and profitability. Supervision of teams of employees in different departments.


  • Partners in Healthy Operations

By building long-term relationships with sister organizations in poverty areas, Partners In Health strives to achieve two overarching goals: bringing the benefits of modern medical science to those who need it most and serving as an antidote to despair.

  • KBS Leadership

KBS works with North America’s top facility managers to provide essential services that keep operations running smoothly. Leader in the retail, logistics, commerce, industry, and hospitality sectors. We are the largest private facility services provider in North America.

  • Providing premier real estate services in the United States for over 70 years
  • Retail customers include (but are not limited to) supermarket chains, pharmacies, and large chains.
  • Business customers include (but are not limited to) offices, shopping malls, and entertainment venues. More than 15,000 managed locations in the US and Canada.
  • Educational institutions benefit from guarding, maintaining land and physical facilities.